Introducing Apollo

One Giant Leap for Cashless Technology

3.5" High-Resolution Touchscreen Display with PIN-On-Glass

Network Connectivity via 4G, WiFi, & LAN

Supports MDB, RTP, Pulse, USB, Serial, TCP/IP, & Bluetooth

Fully Secure PCI SSC P2PE

Two Unique Models Accept Cashless and Contactless Payments

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Global Solution

Apollo's reach orbits the globe. Unify payment machines and solutions into a single world-class, cashless platform.

Supports Closed Loop Systems

Honor rewards and loyalty programs, campus cards, closed user groups, discount vouchers, and coupons.

Range of Machine Interfaces

A full compliment of machine interfaces including plug and play MDB, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, Pulse, Serial, and USB.

Network Connectivity

Over-air connections with secure 4G, LAN, and WiFi.


Optimized Contactless Payments

Apollo is the next generation of cashless payment technology. A 3.5" touchscreen launches a galaxy of possibilities including PIN-on-glass (eliminating the need for an external PIN pad), flexible advertising space, and custom branding for customer engagement.

Apollo provides a contactless payment experience. Users tap a contactless card or Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for a clean, low touch transaction.

Stellar features include an internal speaker and a proximity sensor to maximize marketing; a built-in camera is capable of reading QR codes and 1D/2D barcodes— advantageous with payment apps and loyalty-based promotions.

Devices are ultra slim (26 millimeter deep) and highly durable for easy plug and play integration. Apollo is vandal-proof and waterproof. Impressive low power consumption is eco-friendly and ultra durable.

All transactions are fully secure with PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)—safeguarding card data as it travels through your network en route to a decryption and processing gateway.


All-in-One Convenience

ApolloMAX expands payment acceptance to include contactless pay, EMV, and swiped transactions at rocket speed. This compact package encompasses all Apollo features such as a 3.5" touchscreen display, wide range of machine interfaces, and network connections…along with necessary payment schemes for EMV chip and magnetic stripe for markets around the world.

Integrate the ApolloMAX to increase your revenue, streamline the user experience, and generate instantaneous data reports. Take off with our universal vision. Future-proof solutions assure prosperity for you and your customers.

Telemetry and Terminal Management Systems

Control your Apollo and ApolloMAX using our telemetry and terminal management service. Stay sharp and gather real-time revenue data from all your machines. Use our online back office to remotely track card and cash sales, monitor connections, and generate specialized reports. Conveniently access the ultimate top down view into nationwide regions and distribution networks.

Our team will help your team build connections. We offer free API integration into existing Enterprise Resource Programs (ERP) and a software development kit (SDK) at no additional cost.

All-Inclusive Payment Solution

Explore our all-inclusive payment solutions for top value and peak performance:

  • Auto-generation of Merchant IDs and Terminal IDs: We create merchant accounts instantly.
  • Simplified form factor: We provide all you need in a single package—no additional hardware for contactless payments or modem integration.
  • Online boarding and activation: We activate Apollo and ApolloMAX terminals in minutes; lengthy applications are unnecessary.
  • Revenue share programs available: Generate passive revenue with each transaction.
  • Affordable processing rates: As low as 3.25 percent per transaction.
  • Local and global: U.S. based sales and support teams with an international outreach.

Launch Your Future with Apollo

We provide industry leading products and services for any environment—with years of experience in designing sophisticated payment hardware. Our in-house team of highly skilled developers innovate technology to increase your profit.

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