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What is PayZang?

PayZang provides revolutionary and value-driven merchant services. We know no two business models are alike and offer smart solutions to meet your needs. Select only what is beneficial for you, pay as applicable, and improve your operations—cost-effectively, securely, and accurately.

We offer comprehensive resources to optimize financial goals, data management, and customer engagement. Products are intuitive, user-friendly, consumer-focused, compliant with international security standards, affordable, and feature genius technology and design.

Credit Card and ACH Processing

Zoom past the competition. Drive your payment solutions into the digital fast lane with PayZang’s all-inclusive merchant services.

  • Mobile Processing
  • Online Payments
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Electronic Invoicing
Learn more about credit card and ACH processing.

Contactless Technology

Give customers the flexibility to make safe and speedy purchases. Our contactless devices accept mobile pay and all major cards via swipe, tap, or dip; they operate autonomously and can be logo branded. Transactions are fully secure, certified by Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Modernize vending machines. Expedite long lines. Seamlessly manage all processes on one platform. Our leading-edge technology offers easy plug and play to bolster business in every industry.

Cashless payment terminals are weatherproof, small enough to be handheld, and savvy enough to be integrated with a video exhibit. Hardware is manufactured in-house, with faster time to market and lower prices than competitors. 

Activation is quick and comprehensive. We streamline the system (merchant IDs are ready in minutes!) and eliminate the need for third parties.

Why is PayZang right for you?

End-to-End Payment Management

Enjoy a complete toolkit for managing payments. PayZang provides custom online pages, multiple payment channels, and options for one-time or recurring transactions. We intelligently align our products with your existing operations.

Employ hand held or stationary devices, mobile apps, and virtual deposits. Kiosks can be customized with an interactive display designed by our savvy team. Intuitive, time-saving software tracks your consumers’ data, amount totals, payment cycles, and most profitable locations (lobby, city plaza, market, festival, online).

Benefit from comprehensive reporting and forecasting tools. The Account Updater feature obtains and maintains up-to-date credit and debit card information. No need to worry about lost account numbers due to expiration, theft, or change of address.

And much more...


The Most Comprehensive Plugin Ecosystem

PayZang easily integrates with—the most widely used online payment processing and management support. Maintain your current service or migrate to our portal that provides more than 175 software and service features in a variety of categories.


     Substitute sensitive data with tokens.

     PCI P2P (point-to-point encryption).

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant

Unified Token Vault
     Recognize payments across all channels.


IRS Compliance for 501(c)(3) and (4)
     Enables greater confidence in donors.

Protect Data and Reduce Risk
     Eliminates non-compliance systemic risk
     that P2P payments like Venmo and PayPal create.

PCI Compliance
     Encryption and tokenization make PCI compliance easy.


PayZang's solutions are incorporated multiple ways within a website or mobile platform. Options vary based on ease of integration, required resources, features, and additional security.

We partner with Trustwave to provide free PCI vulnerability scan for our partners. We also offer EMV Chip Card SDK for organizations that interface directly with EMV devices.

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