Multiple Markets, One Solution

E-commerce Payment Systems

In today’s business environment, various types of technology help entrepreneurs and established entities conduct business. PayZang's advanced technology empowers you to accept payments made by credit cards and eChecks online. Learn more.
Healthcare Payment Systems

Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers continuously endeavor to provide affordable yet effective healthcare. This makes it even more important for healthcare administrators to keep a watchful eye on how and when payments are collected and overdue balances are paid.
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Donations for Nonprofit Organizations

PayZang's technology makes it simple to donate any amount of money securely to nonprofit organizations. We also make it easy for you to track all incoming donations quickly and accurately. Regardless of the size of your nonprofit, you will experience a wealth of benefits by utilizing our strategic technology. Learn more here.
Government Payment Services

Municipalities and governments interested in adopting new and improved technology benefit from PayZang’s government payment processing systems. Learn more.
Online Utility Payments

We provide multiple solutions for online utility payments, recurring billing, card, and ACH/eCheck payments among other payment facilities. Learn more here.
Education Payment Solutions

We help universities, colleges, and technical schools collect tuition and other forms of payment in a timely and predictable manner. PayZang’s higher learning solutions can help your educational organization process payments today! Learn more.
PayZang for Retail

Traditionally, a small or mid-sized business lacked necessary resources and capital to invest in powerful, business-changing technology. Thanks to PayZang, smaller businesses can now have the same opportunities as large corporations. Learn more.
Professional Services

From CPAs and law firms to consultants and financial managers, we have you covered. We will create a program tailored to your market and your brand. Learn more about professional services here.
Health & Fitness

Our focus on fast, secure, and accurate payment processing drives success. If you work in the health and fitness industry, we will develop a strong system custom-made for you. Learn more here.
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