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Credit Card & ACH Processing

With PayZang’s leading merchant services, you can now pull ahead of the competition and put your payment solutions into the digital fast lane.

  • Contactless Transactions
  • Mobile Processing
  • Online Payments
  • Recurring Payments
  • Electronic Invoicing
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Contactless Technology

Give customers the flexibility to make safe and speedy purchases. Our contactless devices accept mobile pay and all major cards via swipe, tap, or dip; they operate autonomously and can be logo branded. Transactions are fully secure, certified by Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Modernize vending machines. Expedite long lines. Seamlessly manage all processes on one platform. Our leading-edge technology offers easy plug and play to bolster business in every industry.

Cashless payment terminals are weatherproof, small enough to be handheld, and savvy enough to be integrated with a video exhibit. Hardware is manufactured in-house, with faster time to market and lower prices than competitors. 

Activation is quick and comprehensive. We streamline the system (merchant IDs are ready in minutes!) and eliminate the need for third parties.

3D Secure Cart

PayZang combats potential fraud with 3D Secure Cart. This tool makes eCommerce checkouts personally verified and gives consumers and merchants confidence in the fact that PayZang will defend them from unauthorized transactions.

PCI Compliance

Protecting cardholder data and PCI compliance is essential. PayZang simplifies the process by ensuring merchants are compliant via a web-based assessment. We offer complete tokenization of all payments with added protection from PCI Point-to-Point Encryption.

Outsmart Malicious Intent

Fraudulent people often test card numbers on public forums. This can cost merchants hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses and fees. Our iSpyFraud is a prevention tool that is rules-based and allows merchants to screen suspicious activity on transactions.

Protect Sensitive Data

Our Three-Step Redirect API helps merchants ensure data transmission is secure. Merchants cannot touch, see, transmit, or store sensitive payment information.

Enjoy superior technology, low fees, simplicity, seamless integration, and impeccable customer service.


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