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As a leader in the credit card processing & merchant services industry, PayZang understands the hurdles busy entrepreneurs must overcome on a daily basis. Improving product lines, providing unrivaled customer service and making certain each transaction is accurate are only a few of the many critical priorities that consume an e-merchant’s time every day.

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Credit Card & ACH Processing

With PayZang’s leading merchant services, you can now pull ahead of the competition and put your payment solutions into the digital fast lane.

  • Mobile Processing
  • Online Payments
  • Recurring Payments
  • Electronic Invoicing
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Virtual Check

PayZang’s Virtual Check is an electronic checking system that enables businesses to accept check payments securely and inexpensively from their customers via fax, telephone, the Internet or by mail.

While this method is somewhat similar to ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing, Virtual Check is a superior system in many ways. In addition to providing you and your customers a wide array of payment options, Virtual Check easily integrates into your existing shopping cart by way of an API. If you experience high volume payment processing, you can simplify your accounting by bundling Virtual Check into batch files for secure and safe transference to PayZang.

Learn more about virtual check.

3D Secure Cart

As e-commerce grows, the potential for fraud also grows. PayZang combats this problem with 3D Secure Cart. 3D Secure Cart allows consumers and merchants to rest easy with the knowledge that we will defend them from unauthorized transactions. Defend your customers and yourself from fraudulent activity during the checkout process.

PCI Compliance

Protecting cardholder data and PCI compliance is not just smart – it is essential. Sadly, merchants still aren’t always getting the message about PCI compliance. PayZang simplifies the process of making a merchant compliant with its web-based assessment.

Outsmart Those With Malicious Intent

Those committing fraud often test card numbers on public forums, and can end up costing merchants hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses and fees. Our iSpyFraud is a prevention tool that’s rules-based, and lets merchants screen suspicious activity on transactions. This is a way to step ahead of the fraud.

Protect Sensitive Data

PayZang’s Our Three-Step Redirect API helps merchants keep their hands clean by ensuring data transmission is secure. Merchants cannot touch, see, transmit, or store sensitive payment information. We like to put it this way – what they don’t know can’t hurt them.

Easy and pleasant

Low fees, simplicity, seamless integratioin & amazing customer service.


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