PCI Compliance

Security of All Transactions

Data security is the foundation of payment processing with PayZang. Our payment processing platform is built on the three pillars of payment processing security: Secure Acceptance, Token Management Service, and Point-to-Point Encryption. We ensure payment data security at rest and in transit. PayZang fully complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

1. Secure Acceptance
PayZang protects online payments and ensures payment security by keeping sensitive payment data off Glendale Heights’ network with a fully hosted checkout process that collects data directly from customers and securely processes their payments. We will help Glendale Heights through an easy integration process.

2. Token Management Service
PayZang tokenizes and secures customer payment data by moving sensitive payment data off Glendale Heights’ network and onto secure data centers with our tokenization solution. Our token management service helps to reduce PCI compliance scope, while securing customer payment information and alternate payment type data.

3. Point-to-Point Encryption
PayZang safeguards all payments by adding an extra layer of security to all transactions through encryption at the point-of-entry and secure transmission to payment processing.

What is PCI?

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is a set of requirements to ensure companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information do not violate the security of individuals or entities associated with the card or its information. PCI DSS Standards are created by the PCI Standards Security Council, a neutral governing body created by major card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

PayZang and PCI

PayZang and its products are designed for you and your clients’ security in mind. We provide PCI compliant merchant services that will protect you and your clients from fraud and other forms of illegal activity. PayZang is 100 percent PCI compliant. Merchants who use PayZang will also be PCI compliant, if they solely use our products and services for processing, storing, and transmitting credit card data. Information processed, stored, and transmitted outside of PayZang is not guaranteed to be PCI compliant and will expose you and your business to the possibility of litigation or other forms of sanctions from the PCI Standards and Security Council or, in some cases, the Federal Government.

iSpyFraud and 3D Secure Cart

PayZang provides iSpyFraud to prevent data breach. iSpyFraud is a prevention tool that is rules-based and allows merchants to screen suspicious activity on transactions. We also offer 3D Secure Cart (the industry’s highest-rated tool) which makes eCommerce checkouts personally verified and allows consumers and merchants to rest easy with the knowledge that we will defend them from all unauthorized transactions.