The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes holiday shoppers! Retailers generally experience a massive influx of sales in November and December. In fact, holiday shopping is so central to the American economy that many retailers operate at a loss until the frenzy hits. The shopping holiday called Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving. It’s name comes from the fact that many retailers go out of the red and into the black due to the high sales on this day. In other words, retail businesses count on holiday shopping to help them stay in business and turn a profit. If you sell your products or sign clients up for services at local events like craft shows, this is also a big season for you. There are more craft shows during the late fall and early winter, in no small part because of all the demand for unique holiday presents. Getting into the biggest and most traveled craft shows and preparing your products are only half the process. You also have to convince people to buy from you at the show. If you aren’t accepting credit card payments, you’ll be limiting the pool of customers available substantially.

Credit Cards Help You Finish the Sale

There are plenty of reasons why people may not have cash on hand. Maybe they already bought too many candles from someone else. Perhaps they just didn’t have time to stop at an ATM. Whatever the reason, if you can’t accommodate what they have in their wallet, they won’t be your customers. Why limit you business and your pool of potential new clients or customers? You need to look into credit card processing options that you can take on the road! Mobile credit and debit card processing can help you make more sales. Not only does it expand your potential customer base, it also gives your business a more established and legitimate atmosphere for attendees to the event. In general, people think of farmers and home crafts people as cash-only sellers. If you’re offering a professional product, you will probably have a professional point of sale system in place. That will have to include the ability to accept a credit card, prepaid card or debit card. If a customer can just hand you a credit card and be done, it’s easier to convert a browser into a buyer.

PayZang Has the Mobile Payment Options You Need

Credit card processing doesn’t have to be unaffordable or complicated. PayZang has a range of mobile credit card processing and online credit card processing options. We will provide your company with a credit card reader and build a customized payment package. Options for online card processing, payment gateways, ACH payments, check verification and more will provide solutions that work for your business, wherever you’re doing business.

When you choose a credit card processing company, you want it to be a company that’s going to ensure compliance with security standards. With PayZang, you get personalized solutions for payment solutions. We can even help integrate payment records with your existing point of sale system or mobile app. Don’t lose out on a single sale this craft show season.

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