PayZang Payment Gateways

PayZang payment gateways are an essential part of the transaction process for e-businesses, brick and mortar stores and online retailers.

Their purpose as an e-commerce application service provider is to authorize payments made by customers to merchants. With a payment gateway from PayZang, your business can process a variety of transaction types, such as electronic check (credit and debit card or ACH), in batch mode or real time. Sensitive information is always protected with encrypting, and will exchange securely between the customer, merchant and payment processor.


The PayZang payment gateway works in much the same way as other payment gateways. The ultimate function is to facilitate information transfer between payment portals (mobile phones, IVR service or a website) and front end processors or banks. The typical sequence of events, which usually takes about three days, is:
  • An order is placed when the customer enters credit card information
  • Orders done through websites have sensitive information encrypted by the customer’s web browser before it’s sent to the merchant’s server
  • As soon as the payment is approved or declined by the credit card company or bank, the secure information goes to the PayZang payment gateway
  • The PayZang payment gateway sends the response on to the website, or other payment processing interface, where it is deemed relevant and sent back to the merchant and customer
  • A merchant will approve and submit an authorization in a “batch” to their acquiring bank, who deposits the funds into the merchant’s account



This is the ultimate in security. The process will never store your credit card details and is hacker free. When you use PayZang for card transactions, the information goes directly to the bank. Other benefits include reducing fraud, real time processing and automatic deposit into your bank account. PayZang is proud to be the effective and trustworthy on demand payment processor for merchants in a variety of industries and locations. We focus on your profitability by supporting efficient and secure transactions between you and your clients. With mobile applications, recurring payment options and a pay as you go model, we make your satisfaction top priority. Contact us today for more information!
An online payment gateway offers many benefits to business owners. Through these credit card gateways, you can facilitate secure transactions with cutting edge encryption, essentially protecting you and your customers from fraud. Another advantage is an increase in speed with which you can process your card transactions. Manual payment processing requires a great deal of labor hours, increasing the cost of doing business for you as well as increasing costs for your customers. While better protection from fraud and an increase in efficiency are certainly important to a business, it is the convenience of these online payment processing services that merchants often appreciate the most. The many benefits of online payment gateways will help you operate your business more effectively.