PayZang for Retail

Traditionally, a small or mid-sized business lacked the necessary resources and capital to invest in powerful, business-changing technology, but thanks to PayZang, smaller businesses can now have the same opportunities as the big corporations.

Designed to fit in with your current business model, PayZang enables you to manage your electronic payments quickly, conveniently and securely. Best of all, it’s cost-effective, flexible and easy to administer. At last, companies of all sizes can provide their customers with the same electronic payment choices today’s largest businesses rely on. PayZang provides a fully customized, end-to-end, single payment processing program for retail operations. Because it is fully scalable, you can choose the services you want to start with and add other modules over time as you grow.


With PayZang’s processing tools your company can start processing payments today!

Regardless of the type of retail payment solutions you’re seeking, we can help. We have premium solutions for brick-and-mortar sales, online sales, telephone sales, mail order sales, and anything else. You need to be innovative in today’s market when it comes to how you move products and take payments. It is essential for your company to accept credit cards! We’re here for you every step of the way, making it all possible and giving you the power to maximize your profitability.


For so long, small business retailers were limited by their budgets when it came to technology.

Now that PayZang offers an end-to-end, fully customizable merchant credit card processing service, new brands and established corporations alike can enjoy personalized payment processing. Internet and phone credit card processing meets your customers and clients where they are, and keeps you open for business anytime, anywhere. If you’ve been looking for something that’s cost-effective, flexible and secure, search no further than us. Our check and card payment services are dedicated to driving your profitability, and helping you stay up to date with the latest in payment technology.


With PayZang, you can stay ahead of your competition and become more profitable at the same time by creating a comprehensive credit package that supports every aspect of the payment process, from approving applications to processing remittances to minimizing your risk. All while providing an outstanding level of customer support.
  • With PayZang, you get secure and convenient system that gives you the power to process all types of customer payments in an easy-to-use and flexible format.
  • More importantly, PayZang enables you to connect an already existing account and create additional payment options for your retail customers.