Medical billing is an essential part of the healthcare system as billers work hand-in-hand with healthcare providers and insurance companies to ensure that they are delivering on the expectations of their patients financially and medically. This fast-paced industry requires an efficient and flexible payment processor.

Why Use PayZang for Medical Billing?

PayZang believes in seamless payment processing and in the fast-paced industry of medical billing, seams of any kind can cost the company thousands of dollars. PayZang offers a number of tools that help those in medical billing increase patient satisfaction, increase profitability, and improve existing business processes.

Patient Satisfaction

The reason any medical entity exists is to ensure that patients are cared for. This mantra carries over into medical billing as patient satisfaction is not just within the medical facility- it’s about the overall experience of care. PayZang understands this and so provides a platform that is capable of handling all major credit cards, ACH, and Remote Deposit Capture. PayZang gives medical billers the flexibility to help patients pay with whatever method of payment they prefer. Furthermore, PayZang’s payment gateway can help you create payment plans for customers using their recurring payment engine.

Increase Profitability

Profitability can be a struggle in the medical billing industry as problems with non-payment often inhibit company growth. PayZang is known for increasing  profitability through competitive rates, cutting edge tools, and fast funding. PayZangs Remote Deposit Capture system will be sure to deposit checks quickly and effortlessly. This also applies to credit card and ACH transactions.

PayZang is Your Ally

Time is money – albeit a ghastly cliche – is an incredibly true statement. Healthcare billing is riddled with time-consuming tasks that are essential to the accurate billing and resultant payment of medical bills. Payment processing should not detract from the other critical work that is a part of your daily routine. Utilizing PayZang’s vast array of features such as the recurring billing and API payment pages will streamline your company’s work. This will help save you ample amounts of time that you can dedicate to improving other aspects of operations.

Business Process Improvement

Doctor and Medical Billing

If you need a payment processor that provides reliable and high-quality payment solutions, look no further. PayZang prides itself on providing a one-of-a-kind payment processing experience.  We provide our customers with the necessary tools to help them with achieving their mission for their company. Apply today to unleash the full potential of your company.

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