Online Utility Payments


One common thread that runs through it all is continuity of services. Home and business owners tend to prefer utility companies that have multiple payment options and specifically recurring payment options. This eliminates the need for consumers to worry about discontinuity of utility services for non-payment or late payment. Utilities are waking up to the need to provide online utility payments, recurring billing, card and ACH payment options among other payment facilities to its consumers.
This creates a unique virtuous cycle where what is good for the consumer is also good for the companies top and bottom line.

Adding recurring payments reduces collection related fees and stabilizes revenue. PayZang payment products accelerate this virtuous cycle by providing a one-stop-shop for all payment needs in the utilities sector. There is a great deal of organizational work that goes into making sure that everyone is paid up, and that proper measures are taken to collect and reimburse payments whether large or small. Unlike the finances for a retail shop, the purchases from a utility company are ongoing, and involve a product or services that is in constant use.
In the past, the managers of utility companies have been forced to keep extensive records, and spend precious time and money to see that all customer accounts are tended to.

While the process is routine for most customers, there are undoubtedly times when letters, phone tag and home visits are still not adequate. In addition, even in-person visits result in an invoice being sent after the fact. With PayZang, utility companies can collect fines, overages or any other unpaid bill on the spot. Electronic payment processing from PayZang can simplify things for everyone. Your customers will appreciate the ability to pay any way they choose, rather than always having to use a stamp to mail a check.
You will have access to helpful reports that save you from hunting through account files for the ones that are behind, latent, paying ahead or want to change their plan.


Take advantage of the many convenient features PayZang offers: Payment reception over the Internet or phone. Acceptance of credit and debit cards, as well as ACH and check payments. Fast appearance of the funds into your PayZang merchant account. Ability to transfer funds to your bank account anytime, from anywhere with Remote Deposit Capture. Customizable payment schedules that work for you and your customer. Imagine the efficiency your utility company can experience with an electronic payment processing system that integrates with what you already have in place, and focuses on your profitability with a wide variety of customizable features for easy payment acceptance.


PayZang provides seamless reporting that will keep you up to date on your accounts. You also have the option of integrated batch processing to save even more time. It will be our pleasure to assist companies who provide: gas, electricity, water, sewage, waste removal, and so much more! Contact PayZang to learn more about how we can make your transactions run smoothly and efficiently. Making you and your customers happy is our passion and our reward!
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