School Fundraising

Successful school fundraising depends on many factors but one of the most important is the ability to accept and process donations immediately.

Today, cash and even check transactions have nearly become obsolete in favor of card transactions. The public has come to expect the convenience of paying for items and making school donations with a credit or debit card. Most people no longer carry much cash and usually leave their checkbooks at home. This can make it more difficult for students and school staff members to collect donations on a spontaneous basis.

What’s the solution?

A PayZang merchant account specially designed for school fundraising. Our efficient mobile transaction tools and easy-to-use platforms make it easy for any authorized individual or groups to accept and process donations for school events, clubs or equipment.

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Accepting Mobile Donations | Powerful, Easy and Successful

Many educational organizations have made the switch to mobile transaction processing for school fees and administrative accounting, so why not use a similar system to accept and process donations collected through school fundraisers? As a leader in the payment processing industry, PayZang supplies everything you need to start accepting mobile donations via a Smartphone, tablet or other device. PayZang provides everything, including a mobile card reader.



Explore the rewards your educational organization could reap from switching to a mobile merchant account for school donations.

  • Intuitive yet simple mobile application
  • Naturally expand your pool of donors
  • Receive a higher volume of donations
  • Receive higher contribution amounts
  • Create recurring donation schedules
  • Track donations quickly and accurately
  • Real time receipt of funds and reporting
  • SSL encryption with powerful fraud protection
  • Supports all major credit cards
  • Reduces donation processing costs

Every school deserves the support of willing financial contributors, and those contributors deserve a secure and straightforward way to give. PayZang offers specially designed merchant services for school fundraising that make it simple to accept and process both e-check and card payments.

Since most people are accustomed to making at least the occasional credit card payment online, school fundraising has to shift from cash and checks to electronic and digital methods.

PayZang provides a simple, affordable and effective means of collection and credit card payment online processing that helps schools make the best possible connections with generous donors. Look forward to an amazing year of fundraising!
With PayZang, you can ramp up your school fundraising to a whole new level of success, ensuring your school always has the funds it needs to support students and faculty alike.


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