Fundraising Ideas

As a fundraiser, you know there is a lot more to the process than simply accepting checks.

From organizing events to sending confirmations of receipt, you take multiple steps to be effective for your cause. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some tools that supported non-profit fundraising to help you? PayZang is a merchant services company that offers free fundraising ideas for utilizing the Internet in your campaigns. Whether you’ve been fundraising for years or are trying it out for the first time, we know how to streamline and enhance your process.  Our advanced products help with the tough process of accepting donations. Ultimately, with PayZang you’ll enjoy more donations, and see bigger numbers on those checks.

Non-profit Fundraising

When someone taps you to be their professional fundraiser, they’re expecting efficiency, organization and, most importantly, your personal motivation and the ability to motivate potential donors.

Of course, getting people to give their money to a cause is much easier said than done. We have years of experience in the financial and fundraising sectors, and pass our knowledge onto you with information and products that support your system. Better yet, PayZang can help you save money. An essential part of fundraising is the act of collecting the donations in a secure way.

Processing Donation on Phone

While in the past, fundraisers had to physically collect contributions, bring them to the bank for deposit and take care of things like bounced checks and confirmations, today there are many more options.

Non profit payment processing systems come with a host of features for both security and convenience, reducing the time and energy you spend tending to every detail yourself. Some of the perks include:

Accepting donations over the phone and online.

People can contribute from anywhere at any time.

Generated automatic confirmations.

Electronic deposit to your bank account.

Simple, accurate reporting.

Non-Profit Fundraising Online

Payment Processing on Devices

Processing For Fundraisers

Integrate your fundraising with our electronic solutions, and reap the rewards of a highly efficient and cost-effective system.

It is important to have the ability to process donations via mobile devices, tablets, and online. With PayZang’s elite payment processing services you can accept credit card and ACH donations from many types of devices. Donators will love the flexibility that your non profit offers. Feel free to contact PayZang to learn more about how we can help you with non-profit fundraising and making a difference.

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