Healthcare Payment Systems

Organizations such as hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers continuously struggle to provide affordable yet effective healthcare. This makes it even more important for healthcare administrators to keep a watchful eye on how and when payments are collected and overdue balances are paid. Adding to this burden are other financial matters to consider. These include higher deductibles, uninsured patients, managing co-pay accounting and the increasing popularity of elective treatments not covered by most insurance companies. PayZang healthcare payment systems can help your organization become more efficient and eliminate unnecessary burdens.
This recent and unfamiliar business model can negatively impact the provider-patient relationship while also adversely affecting cash-flow. Fortunately, PayZang offers a sleek and innovative solution by enabling you to initiate and process electronic payments in the safety of a secure and convenient environment. PayZang’s healthcare payment system provides a powerful, cost-effective and flexible solution for hospitals, doctor’s offices and other health facilities. We are proud to provide and manage electronic payment options regardless of size or scope.


As the emerging standard for automating the payment process from start to finish, PayZang has its finger on the pulse of the modern business world. No matter whether you receive point-of-sale check, debit and credit card payments, telephone payments or electronic checks over the Internet, PayZang makes sure your accounts are always in balance. A solution like PayZang frees you and your staff to concentrate on meeting your objectives: providing compassionate and effective patient care services.
We understand that you need to cut costs where you can in your practice or facility. Patient care is not the place to do that. Through PayZang’s health care payment processing, your entire operation will run more smoothly and effectively. Whether you’re a hospital, doctor or other kind of health service provider, our cost-effective system can be customized to suit your needs. Accept payments from your patients over the phone or through the Internet, and enjoy access to the support that your credit card processing account deserves. We’re proud to help streamline your day-to-day tasks, and ultimately give your patients the utmost in health care services.


Formulate and manage custom, error-free schedules for recurring payments. Electronically scan and deposit checks from your workplace with remote deposit capture. Safely accept payments via the Internet. Mobile applications allow you to accept credit card and eCheck payments anytime, anywhere. Get rid of costly self-hosting services and save more money with a PayZang merchant account. Easily automate the task of separating patient balances into affordable, smaller installments. Gain a virtual terminal and Internet based payment page. Automated payment processing. Accurate automated reporting. Simplified merchant account integration. Customizable interface.


PayZang healthcare payment systems are ideal for: ambulance Services, doctors/dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, insurance agencies, medical billing companies, and health clubs. Pharmacists, medical supply companies, pager services, orthodontists, uniform rental companies, and many other organizations also use PayZang. Put your patients first without sacrificing your bottom line. Let PayZang bring your healthcare organization into the future with a payment solution that fits your business model. Contact us today for more information.