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PayZang is the easiest way to accept credit/debit card payments and ACH payments online. With PayZang, you can create exactly the payment experience you want in your website or mobile app.  We handle everything from security of the payment to transferring money to your bank account. You can get started immediately.

What is PayZang?

PayZang is a first-rate payment processing service that dedicates itself to providing excellent customer service. Our advanced virtual terminals allow businesses and organizations to accept payments securely. Whether in person, online, or through a mobile device, you can start processing today!


Who is Using PayZang Today?

Thousands of businesses and organizations incorporate PayZang’s merchant services into their operations. These include: Fortune 500 companies, rapidly-growing startups, consultants, services oriented businesses, law firms, non-profits, and everything in between. PayZang isn’t just for one particular kind of payment. Whether you’re charging for a service, selling physical goods, taking donations, or enabling payments for others, PayZang can work for you. From processing ACH payments online to mobile credit card payments, we take care of it all.

Are you a merchant account, gateway, or something else?

PayZang is a complete solution that replaces all of the above. If you work with the legacy payments industry you may need to integrate and interact with multiple vendors to accept payments online. Some of these may include: a merchant account to receive funds, a gateway to submit payments, maybe even a third service to manage recurring charges. By contrast, PayZang is designed to be simple—we accept your payment data, and we deposit the funds in your bank account. As a result, you only need to work with us.

ACH Payments Online

Credit Card Payment

Why is PayZang better than the other options I'm considering?

Glad you asked! Here are some reasons that others have chosen PayZang:

  • PayZang is the only payments service you’ll need. You won’t need to find and work with a separate merchant account provider, gateway, subscriptions manager, or any other piece of the legacy payments industry puzzle.
  • An elegant, powerful API makes it quick and easy to integrate with PayZang. · Complete freedom to create the payment experience you want — your site or app, your workflow, your brand.
  • You can charge your users however you want: one-time purchases, subscriptions, credit card processing, and event-based charges are all straightforward with our flexible API. Start accepting all ACH payments online!
  • Competitive, crystal-clear pricing. We charge you one rate for each successful transaction. There are no additional charges for failed transactions, American Express cards, international cards, stored cards, or recurring payments. It’s easy to understand, easy to project, and without any surprises.
  • We shoulder the PCI compliance burden by ensuring that you never need to handle sensitive card data.

Can I use PayZang for just some of my payments?

Sure, if that makes sense for your needs! We only charge you for successful PayZang transactions—there are zero setup fees, no account minimums, no monthly fees and no contract durations, so there’s nothing to lock you in. With that said, if you do find yourself in this situation, we’d love to learn why we’re not a good fit for all of your needs.

Will PayZang scale? Am I too big for PayZang?

PayZang is designed for businesses of every size, including Fortune 500 and publicly-traded companies. No matter your scale, PayZang will work for you..


I have more questions, what should I do?

Contact a PayZang payment specialist online or over the phone. Dial 1-800-838-8651 or email

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