Every transaction you enter into the PayZang system goes through a three phase process. Every step of the process is intended to protect the accuracy, security and timely manner of your payment management.

Because PayZang is not your bank, and the payments are made in forms more complex than cold, hard cash, we need to observe practices that ensure the money is available, and transferred to the correct place. This involves travel time, validation and actual payment. Factors like form of payment and banking institutions can alter how long the phases will take.


I Am a Developer – Web Services and API DocsThis phase specifies the method of payment delivery, such as real-time, scheduled or batched. This helps the processor best determine what action should be taken for the next step.


In this phase, the processor authorizes the transaction. With debit and credit cards, authorization ensures that the needed funds are in fact available, though they are not actually taken at that point.


This is the last step in the transaction process, and when authorized transactions are sent to the processor to be paid to the merchant. Some subtle differences do exist between credit/debit card and EFT settlement. Sometimes settlement takes less than a day. With checks, it can take 90 days.

Please feel free to contact PayZang anytime with questions about the phases of the transaction. We’ll be pleased to help you out!

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