Reference – Testing

Once you have developed your code to your specifications, you will need to test the system before introducing it to your customer base. As with all elements of the creation and implementation process, PayZang can guide you on how to complete your testing tasks.

Our APIs support both the live mode and the testing mode, which means transactions will not be delivered for authorization until you are ready. The servers used for testing and for going live are virtually the same, but here is a handy breakdown of the differences between the two modes:

Test credit card transactions are never settled
Test ACH or e-check transactions are never settled
Test recurring and batch transactions are never processed

Our 24/7 testing environment allows you to complete these tasks in a virtual setting identical to the environment you will use to process transactions live:

Build and test your code at your own pace
Use the provided sample code to build from
View preset responses during testing to understand what constitutes a successful transaction

What Elements Should Be Tested

You’ll want to test everything for best results, but you can use this brief guide to make sure you have tested all important elements of the API.

Test the card number, expiration date and CVC security code
Make sure the response handler displays and handles card errors properly
Make sure your form submission passes only a valid token to your server
Ensure sensitive card data is not included in information sent to your server

It’s a good idea to test the following in your server-side code:

Values transmitted through the payment form are valid
Any API errors that occur are handled properly

Once you have completed your testing process, simply switch to the go live mode to submit real transactions.

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