Recurring Payments

Many of our clients accept payments on a recurring basis. Whether you’re a utility company, landlord or educational institution, you need to be able to take payments from the same people over and over again. To cut down on the time spent requesting, processing and monitoring those payments, PayZang offers a recurring payments program.

There’s no doubt that a consistent, predictable cash flow has its perks. The recurring payments program lets you take payments anytime and from anywhere, by whatever means works best for you and your clients. Better yet, it simplifies the necessary record keeping of maintaining varied payment schedules with your customers. Once we have you all set up with the system, all you have to do is sit back and let it work for you.

You have the capability to set payment schedules however you want, and to change them when needed. Also enjoy the top quality reporting provided, and notifications delivered reliably through your email. Cut costs for your business and your clients with less paper and postage use – not to mention the time you save.

Please feel free to contact PayZang regarding you recurring payment schedule, and the programs we use to make the system work within your existing structures. We’ll be happy to discuss every detail with you.

PayZang 1-800-838-8651