Integration Paths

With PayZang’s API technology, you receive access to a variety of customizable integration options empowering you to meet the payment processing needs of virtually any type of merchants.

Just as you would with other business tools, it’s important to review the features and functionality of each option carefully before choosing a solution that fits your business model.



Choose from the following integration methods:

An Online Payment Page (OPP), which encompasses a suite of powerful transaction processing solutions with three integration options:

Checkout: Calls up a separate yet customizable PayZang-hosted form for entering and securely sending payment transaction data.

Embedded: Utilizes a fully imbedded web page for use in compiling your transaction information into your desktop applications. Redirect: Transmit transaction data by way of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection through a merchant-hosted payment form.

PayZang’s WebServices API supports a range of integration functions through web service calls. We currently offer these web services for Clients, Merchants and Transactions:

Clients: Easily create and oversee both client tokens and payment method tokens.

Merchants: Pull hierarchy data swiftly and more efficiently.

Transactions: Search your transactions and call up specific transaction data.



Our Advanced Gateway Interface (AGI) is a full suite of sophisticated transaction processing solutions with three integration options:

Direct Socket Interface: The native method of the PayZang system, this option provides an encrypted SSL connection to deliver your transaction messages.

Windows COM Object: For users who rely on the Windows platform, this option allows you to use a COM object to deliver your transaction messages in a secure environment.

RAW HTTP Post: Utilizes the HTTP POST protocol for secure delivery of your transaction messages. This is not a PayZang-preferred method, but it provides an option for those not running Windows platforms or for those without the ability to perform SSL operations.

Overall, OPP options offer the easiest solution as PayZang’s WebServices and API options require more advanced programming.

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