Implementation Guide

When it’s time to get down to business, PayZang offers a developer’s implementation guide to help you install your API quickly and easily.

Go from coding and testing to processing live transactions in record time with the following helpful user outline. Best Practices for Project Management No matter how large or small your organization, it helps to develop a plan ahead of time for implementing your payment APIs. Whether you have assigned a project manager and implementation team or you plan to do the work yourself, PayZang is prepared to help you through every phase from initial coding to site or mobile app implementation.


We are available to answer your questions and we also encourage you to follow these best practices for overall implementation.

 Create and maintain a detailed list of necessary tasks. Create and obtain a list resources you will need for implementation

Oversee assigned implementation team staff and keep them on task through completion Remain available during both the testing and the live stages of the project to make sure: You complete thorough testing tasks You have trained your staff to use the new system Your transition from testing to live proceeds efficiently and successfully Implementation Tasks You will proceed through a variety of tasks during the implementation stage of working with the PayZang API. Here is an outline of the major tasks you will accomplish: Defining your preferred delivery methods Setting up secure web pay services and/or an advanced gateway interface Defining the messages associated with your payment processing Testing the finished product Taking the API to a live environment.


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