Online Payment Page – Redirect

The Online Payment Page (OPP) Redirect integration offers the same great service of the regular OPP, yet keeps more control in the hands of the merchant. While other options have the OPP hosted by PayZang, the OPP Redirect is programmed by the merchant, and hosted on his or her web server.

Depending on your equipment, budget, programming capabilities and other factors, you may prefer to see to the hosting of your OPP yourself. While many business owners opt to let us tend to much of the server maintenance and page upkeep, others like to do it themselves. This is probably ideal for those with more experience with programming, or an IT department with the resources to care for the OPP.

Of course, no matter who is hosting the OPP, transaction information is securely submitted to PayZang via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection that is initiated by the merchant. A transaction signature is also used.

We like to work within your parameters, whether it’s for your budget, current online setup or preferred methods of payment. Offering the OPP Redirect is just another way that we keep it subtle, working in the background as you develop and promote your brand voice. Please never hesitate to get in touch with PayZang for more information on the OPP Redirect and its integration.

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