Online Payment Page – Embedded Forms

PayZang’s Online Payment Page (OPP) Embedded Forms let merchants embed web pages for the gathering and keeping of transaction information in desktop applications.

This is a handy way for software developers and merchant service providers to support the integration of the PayZang system. You can join together transaction processing abilities and merchant business management software. OPP Embedded Forms support approved card swipe readers and the use of 3” receipt printers for customer receipts.

In addition, the OPP Embedded Form integration makes it possible for merchants to safely submit particular customer information. By submitting payment method information, merchants can more easily create payment tokens for the submitted information. These tokens are associated with an individual’s payment information, and retail applications use them to communicate quickly with PayZang for future transactions.

Of course, the sheer convenience of the OPP Embedded forms is a huge attraction. We at PayZang do all we can to simplify your payment processing, and make a point of being prepared for integration with other programs. This is all part of our approach to work behind the scenes to support your brand and drive your profitability.

Please contact our team to learn more about the OPP Embedded Forms. We look forward to working with you!

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