Online Payment Page – Custom Forms

The Online Payment Page (OPP), although designed and hosted by PayZang, is fully customizable. In the spirit of supporting your brand, we want our products to match with your vision for your company.

The OPP is designed to work with and complement the rest of your site. For that reason, our team included flexibility in the program, and tools with which you can control colors, themes, layouts and other components. Your customers should feel like they’re just on another page of your site, and not the site of a payment processor.

Merchants can customize not only the look of their OPP, but also the data elements required of visitors to the page. No matter what industry you’re in, take advantage of creative and functional control, and let us handle the maintenance of your payment page. Internet boutique retailers have a page that reflects their brand, while organizations like software companies can link directly into the PayZang system.

In everything we do at PayZang, we strive to increase your profitability. Allowing you to customize your OPP is just another way that we keep ourselves in the background, working behind the scenes of your established (or developing) brand voice.

Feel free to get in touch with PayZang with any questions or concerns you might have about customizing your OPP.

PayZang 1-800-838-8651