Batch File Specification


PayZang offers batch file specification for simpler execution of payment applications. Automate tasks and streamline your workflow with this instruction in file specification. 

Intended for developers who possess basic programming skills and basic integration skills and formats, our provision of batch file specification assists with the correct uploading and downloading of files. The series of commands are easily interpreted and executed. It also provides proper layouts for files needing to be transferred to our system. In addition, you can find code samples, notes, descriptions and more.


Batch submission is an option for our clients. 

Transferring completed transactions in this manner consolidates work for all parties, and simplifies the management of your funds. We are pleased to allow clients to customize this process to a degree, and group and identify transactions however they prefer. Enjoy less frequent, but larger, deposits to your bank account. Ultimately, the process is more intuitive, and contributes to the success of your company.


As PayZang is fully dedicated to facilitating a positive experience for our clients, we will be happy to address any questions or concerns that might arise. Never hesitate to get in touch with us for clarification on anything we provide to you as a developer.

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