Core Features

Everything you can expect is included with our core gateway features. Better yet, there are some extras that will help you stand out from your competitors. This is what we call true commitment and partnership.
Virtual Terminal
Have the freedom to run your business anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection and PayZang’s Virtual Terminal will allow you to key-in cards, swipe debit or credit cards, and even process ACH transactions.

Currencies and Payments Accepted
PayZang gives its merchants the capability to handle a number of different currencies. Our flexibility doesn’t stop there as merchants are able to accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, and even Apple Pay.

Multi-Tiered Hierarchy Structure
Do you require multiple users or have multiple DBAs associated with your accounts? Do you want the ability to give specific permissions to specific users? Look no further. PayZang is able to accommodate your business structure.
Reporting Capabilities
Get detailed insight on your transactions with the gateway’s Transaction Search. You will find just what you are seeking, and also stay up to date on commissions to be aware of exactly when they’ll be paid out. Our reporting system is incredibly flexible – tailor reports to suit your company’s needs so that your business can have all the information it desires.

Recurring Billing
Set date, bill, repeat. Recurring Billing is one of the most useful core features PayZang has! Merchants will easily bill customers regularly with a simple process of establishing recurring bill schedules. Take the work out of billing – let PayZang’s Recurring Billing system do all the heavy lifting for you!

Manage Multi MIDS
PayZang is your one stop to multi MIDS. From a single gateway account, merchants can board and manage multiple MIDs. This way, they can manage branches, consolidate reporting, organize products, etc.

Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI)
Let your merchants figure out to which MIDs transactions should be routed with advanced load balancing directives, and manage multiple MIDs on one gateway account.

Customer Support Options
No matter where you are on your payment journey, PayZang will have the customer support options that you need. Choose to use our support team in-house, or go to loose to support your customers on your own.

Product Manager
Give your merchants the ability to enter and manage frequently sold product SKUs with a unified product database. This is great for fast recall with Virtual Terminal transaction checkout.

API Services

Mobile API
Accept payments on the go using your smartphone or tablet.
Three Step API
Set your own payment schedules and save money while you make money.
Direct Post API
Start accepting payments online today with PayZang’s custom pages.
150 + Shopping Cart Plugins
Email electronic invoice from your phone, tablet or online with a Pay Now link.


Counting transactions is only a small part of payment processing. Manage your merchants and help them to be successful by providing everything they need behind the scenes with our Back Office Tools.
Electronic Invoicing
Electronic invoicing lets merchants send customers invoices via email, which is fast and easy for all parties. Customers will get an embedded link, which they then follow to submit the PDF invoice along with payment. The line-by-line detail and fast turnaround simply can’t be beat.

Quickbooks SyncPay takes care of everything from within its own environment. No more double entries – this handles it all, from start to finish. IT begins as soon as you process the transaction and continues to ensure the appropriate accounting entry and to mark the transaction as paid.

Level II & III Processing helps merchants who use extended transaction data to process transactions. It assists in passing on enhanced data to payment processors, which provide the best chance of qualifying for ideal interchange rates.

Batch Processing
You are good to go with an internet connection! If merchants want to key-in cards, swipe debit or credit cards, or process checks, they can do it all from anywhere through their browsers.

Migration Tools
The Gateway Enabler comes in handy when your merchants are using another gateway. It enables them to migrate to your branded gateway from other ones, but does not require a reworking or reprogramming of the applications.

Get Integrated
The QuickClick Shopping Cart Solution is the easiest way to link a merchant’s website to your payment gateway. Merchants can easily and quickly integrate their website with the payment gateway by using our native payment gateway shopping cart solution


Protect your transaction data and merchants’ security, as these are your biggest assets. PayZang’s Fraud Detection and Data Security Services help you in guarding merchant data from those with malicious intent. By implementing PayZang’s core features and data security within your company’s operations, you will be able to have enhanced customer transactions.
PCI Compliance
Protecting cardholder data and PCI compliance is not just smart – it is essential. Sadly, merchants still aren’t always getting the message about PCI compliance. PayZang simplifies the process of making a merchant compliant with its web-based assessment.

Lock it Up
The Customer Vault is a safe place for customer data. It’s like a digital equivalent of Fort Knox. Sensitive customer data is exchanged with a payment token, encrypted and stored in a secure environment for top-notch protection.

Outsmart Those With Malicious Intent
Those committing fraud often test card numbers on public forums, and can end up costing merchants hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses and fees. Our iSpyFraud is a prevention tool that’s rules-based, and lets merchants screen suspicious activity on transactions. This is a way to step ahead of the fraud.

Protect Sensitive Data
PayZang’s Our Three-Step Redirect API helps merchants keep their hands clean by ensuring data transmission is secure. Merchants cannot touch, see, transmit, or store sensitive payment information. We like to put it this way – what they don’t know can’t hurt them.