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PayZang has the most flexible and affordable plans for organizations of any size to accept or initiate payments. Our most popular plan is the “Pay As You Go” plan with Zero setup/monthly fees Free integration support & consultation.

PayZang ACH Processing For Business

If the thought of dealing with electronic transfers leave you feeling uneasy, turn to PayZang, an easy solution to help you with any monetary transfer you may have. We offer fast and efficient processing through Automated Clearing House (ACH) for a wide range of businesses, merchants and Non-Profit organizations. With our elite services, you can now easily send and collect payments of any amount and at any time. ACH processing allows transfers to and from checking or savings accounts, further simplifying the process for you and your pool of customers. Because receivable activities make such a large impact on your company’s profitability, ACH’s account-to-account electronic transfers help you maintain complete accuracy in all your business transactions.

Receiving Payments with Our ACH Processing

PayZang’s ACH processing provides merchants and organizations with innovative solutions for all elements of receivable business accounting regardless of the size or type of commerce in which you are involved.

Our ACH processing can help you accurately manage your accounts receivable by:

  • Providing options for recurring payments to for subscription purchases or to collect regularly-scheduled dues
  • Integrating a virtual terminal system for individual web-based payments or pay-by-phone options
  • Incorporating an Internet payment page on your website for customers safe and secure online payments
  • Adding eCheck payment options to your device applications with our API or web service features

Sending Payments via ACH Processing

As a business owner, you likely have a team of employees to pay as well as expenses related to the cost of doing business. Through PayZang’s ACH processing, you can say good-bye to the often time-consuming way you might normally pay your accounts and hello to a new and more streamlined payment gateway. With our services, you can direct deposit your entire payroll, get instant access to your vendor accounts, or issue a refund to your customers. We can securely and accurately protect your outgoing payments resulting in improved profitability, an excellent payment reputation and greater overall success.

By way of our superior ACH processing features, you can efficiently :

  • Create individual payments instantly to people in your chosen bank account
  • Send multiple batch payments simply by uploading your payment details
  • Use our web and API services to integrate outbound payment options into your device applications or system Utilize dual authentication for total security
  • Formalize all of your recurring disbursements

Why Choose PayZang for ACH Processing?

Today’s digital-savvy population has a wealth of merchant services to choose from, but PayZang stands apart from the rest because of our experience and our financial expertise. Like you, we understand how critical accurate payment processing is to the success of any business operation and we constantly strive to deliver tested and proven services to all of our customers.

By partnering with PayZang, you will enjoy these benefits and much more:

  • Increase your revenue by offering your customers a variety of payment methods
  • Reduce or eliminate manual errors by creating accurate electronic payment processes
  • Prevent returned checks and other payments
  • Make more accurate predictions of cash flow with fast, automated payment options
  • Go green and protect the environment by reducing or eliminating your paper usage

If you are in need of ACH payment processing you can count on every time, it’s time to consider the superior products we offer at PayZang. Our innovative virtual terminal and our real-time API payment technology are just two examples of the excellence we offer with our ACH payment services. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which you operate, PayZang is ready to work with you to increase your profitability while reducing the time you spend each day on ACH processing. When only the best payment products will do, come and see what PayZang can bring to all of your payment processing activities.

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