A Virtual Terminal That Works For You

PayZang continuously strives to improve its products and services in order to improve the experience, profitability, and operational efficiency of its merchants. PayZang also understands that in order for it to succeed, its merchants need to be given the tools to be successful in their business ventures – processing payments quickly, efficiently, and transparently. In this spirit, PayZang is excited to announce the unveiling of the newly updated PayZang Virtual Terminal. This new and improved interface will allow you and your employees to interact with the Virtual Terminal better than ever before. Better yet it is still powered by PayZang, the most powerful payment gateway on the market. 

New Features for a Better Virtual Terminal Experience

The Virtual Terminal is the hub for all of your business’ transactions. PayZang took a deep and intentional look into its existing terminal when designing the new Virtual Terminal. With input from merchants, designers, and valued partners PayZang set forth in its mission to redesign the Virtual Terminal with new features and a new look. Some of the new features include:

  • Refreshed and Modern Look
  • Mobile Responsive Platform
  • New Video Tutorials

Refreshed and Modern Design

Redesigning the Virtual Terminal was an important task because striking a balance between functionality and design is paramount to providing merchants with a product that is easy to use and that allows merchants to process payments easier than ever before.

Mobile Responsiveness

The world has become heavily reliant on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and will continue to do so in new and exciting ways. The most popular feedback PayZang received from its merchants was that the old Virtual Terminal was difficult to use on a mobile device. Fret no more! PayZang’s new Virtual Terminal is now supported on mobile devices. Mobile Responsiveness allows merchants to process payments on the go from any device with cellular or internet connection.

Video Tutorials

PayZang understands that not everyone is as tech-savvy as the average 12-year-old. It is often overwhelming to utilize new features, especially when one’s technical experience is limited. PayZang has started to introduce new video tutorials that will aid merchants of all experience levels in their efforts to process their payments. To be released on PayZang’s Youtube Channel, these video tutorials will be uploaded bi-weekly.

Make the Switch Today

These are just some of the many improvements that PayZang has been introducing into it’s industry leading products and services. New to PayZang? Sign up for an account today to experience the power of PayZang.

If you are an existing customer and would like to experience the new and improved Virtual Terminal, please contact our Customer Support Team

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