PayZang Virtual Check

PayZang’s Virtual Check is an electronic checking system that enables businesses to accept check payments securely and inexpensively from their customers via fax, telephone, the Internet or by mail.

While this method is somewhat similar to ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing, Virtual Check is a superior system in many ways. In addition to providing you and your customers a wide array of payment options, Virtual Check easily integrates into your existing shopping cart by way of an API. If you experience high volume payment processing, you can simplify your accounting by bundling Virtual Check into batch files for secure and safe transference to PayZang.


No matter how sophisticated payment processing systems are, they are no good if they don’t provide business owners like you with direct benefits. At PayZang, we have tackled this issue by integrating the following time and money-saving options into our Virtual Check system.
  • Your virtual checks go directly into your business bank account
  • As a busy business owner, you will never physically handle (see, touch or deposit) a single check*
  • You receive access to a secure, full featured virtual terminal system to process checks manually
  • Upon request, we offer advanced API assistance and integration business-based websites

If you are looking for more evidence that accepting e-check payment types are worth it, think about the following key points. Unlike ACH check features, virtual check offers merchants a greater ability to reduce the time spent on payment processing.

Regardless of your business’s size or volume, Virtual Check works perfectly for almost any US-based business and can be implemented for payment towards any service or product.**

Check Verification Upfront
We scour sources that are overlooked by mainstream scrubbing services e.g.:
  • 1.Checkwriters – Bad checkwriters
  • 2.Unbanked/Underbanked – Consumers who do not have access to a bank but still write checks or other modes of payment
  • 3.Thin File/No File – Consumers who do have a presence in the payments world.
An online payment gateway offers many benefits to business owners. Through these credit card gateways, you can facilitate secure transactions with cutting edge encryption, essentially protecting you and your customers from fraud. Another advantage is an increase in speed with which you can process your card transactions. Manual payment processing requires a great deal of labor hours, increasing the cost of doing business for you as well as increasing costs for your customers. While better protection from fraud and an increase in efficiency are certainly important to a business, it is the convenience of these online payment processing services that merchants often appreciate the most. The many benefits of online payment gateways will help you operate your business more effectively.
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