PayZang Credit Card Processing

Mobile Processing
Accept credit card payments on the go using your smartphone or tablet.
Online Payments
Start accepting payments online today with PayZang’s custom pages.
Recurring Payments
Set your own payment schedules and save money while you make money.
Electronic Invoicing
Email electronic invoices from your phone, tablet or online with a Pay Now link.
With PayZang’s leading merchant services, you can now pull ahead of the competition and put your payment solutions into the digital fast lane.
By speeding up your credit card processing payment activity over safe and secure connections, your reporting becomes more streamlined and efficient. This means that you will always know when your transactions are complete. The features of our custom-developed system ensure your unique business needs are always in line. Furthermore, by letting us take care of your payment processing, you can save time and take care of the things that matter most to you.

PayZang’s credit card processing will simplify your approach to successful and timely payment activity. Furthermore, It’s time that your company had a terminal dedicated specifically to credit cards. By merging all of your electronic payments into a single service, you have a strong and efficient management tool at your disposal. With PayZang, you can conduct accurate and easy payment processing from the safety of the worry-free zone.


Our staff members know how crucial accurate and fast credit card processing is to the success of your business. We provide money and time-saving premium features such as:

  • An efficient 99.99% up-time
  • Accept credit card payments – transactions approved in 1.9 seconds or less
  • An innovative pay-as-you-go model with no set-up or monthly fees
  • Total compliance with applicable credit card industry standards
  • Next-day funding potential
  • Flexible pricing and product options customized to your specific needs
  • Automated electronic deposits for all types of payments into your merchant account
  • Comprehensive risk management options to minimize your fraud losses
  • Online and mobile credit card transaction processing
  • Detailed online reporting to improve transaction management


PayZang’s payment processing services allow you to maximize your accounting potential through a variety of innovative solutions. With this accurate and simple payment platform, your business reaps the benefits of these options and more:

  • Capture real-time card transactions in card-present situations with your swipe-card reader.
  • Easily add non-card-present transaction ability with phone access or our online virtual terminal.
  • Formalize your recurring payment plans and automatically charge your client’s credit card.
  • Accept secure web-based payments from PayZang’s secure and controlled website.
  • Integrate credit card processing into your device applications through our premium API and web services.
  • Instantly upgrade your existing merchant account to accept PayZang credit card processing.


In addition to our innovative pay-as-you-go model to avoid extra fees, PayZang offers these affordable credit card processing features to all of our customers:
  • Through our phone and web service access, you can quickly and easily enable transactions for card-not-present payments.
  • You can leverage your current merchant credit card services through PayZang’s credit card processing options.
  • Avoid wasting time and money with self-hosted payment choices and acquire unlimited control over your operations.
  • Our credit card processing solutions are easy to set-up and maintain.

It’s absolutely essential that you have a secure, efficient means of accepting credit cards in your business. For your own sake, it’s also necessary to have credit card processing that’s accurate and fast. Further, you should maintain unlimited control over your operations. PayZang is proud to provide tools that put you a step ahead of the competition and enrich the relationship you have with your customers. From a 99.9% up-time to easy recurring payment schedules to complete PCI compliance, we offer you the ultimate in merchant services solutions. Whether you’re taking payments over the phone or online, PayZang is the payment processor you can trust. Accept Credit card payments in a secure and efficient way today!
At PayZang we take care to ensure our services adhere to the PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance requirements. In addition, for an extra measure of confidence, we also participate in VISA USA’s CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program).
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