PayZang is known for its commitment to the success of small businesses and Internet retailers, but it is also the ideal merchant services platform for non-profits that want to increase their donations. In addition to improving overall efficiency while saving money on accounting tasks, PayZang offers a powerful suite of tools that complement all types of non-profits.

Combined, these tools not only streamline operations, they enable non-profits to realize greater success in their fund-raising and donation campaigns. Take a look at the following breakdown of PayZang’s non-profit features to learn how these merchant services can boost your donation pool.

API Integration

With PayZang’s API integration, donors can contribute through your dedicated payment gateway with web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets or through a computer. Potential donors will no longer need to wait for confirmation of donation as our sophisticated API sends a swift XML response verifying the contribution. This technology is ideal in capturing donations at charity events, fundraisers, conferences and any other place with wireless service.

CRM Donor Management

Donor management is a critical component of operating a successful non-profit in the digital age. PayZang answers this need with software that works to simplify the way you look at your donor pool while still providing detailed snapshots of donor activity. Top features of our CRM management service include a single yet comprehensive work environment, ability to prioritize donors according to contribution potential, budget management, task designation and many, many others.

Mobile Applications

Those who run a non-profit have likely already discovered the value mobile functionality unlocks. What they might not realize is the power reputable merchant accounts can add to mobile transactions. From easy-to-use interfaces to major credit-card compatibility, PayZang’s mobile applications make it simple to accept secure donations on-the-spot.

Multiple Users

If you have ever wanted a simple way to give account access to multiple users without creating confusion, PayZang’s non-profit services are the answer. While we are experts at enabling multiple account users in retail settings, we have adapted to non-profit organizations with a safer way to designate the important work such organizations perform. Through PayZang, administrators can give volunteers and other personnel limited access to donor accounts while protecting any sensitive data these accounts may contain.

Accept Online Donations

PayZang offers non-profits a simple yet secure way to add an online donations page to their main websites. Our hosted payments page features tools enabling you to accept, process and deposit any contributions your organization receives across the Internet. Administrators also have the option to customize these pages so that they match their existing websites further establishing professionalism and brand.

Recurring Donations

With PayZang’s non-profit tools, it is easier than ever to schedule recurring donations without loss of accuracy. This ensures contributors who like to engage in charitable giving can easily make donations on their own schedule. PayZang’s cutting edge technology ensures all data remains safe from fraud and hacking.

Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminal empowers non-profits to accept contributions securely over the telephone. Even though the majority of people rely on credit cards to donate to non-profits, many people like to contribute over a land line. PayZang’s virtual terminal provides a secure solution, enabling all non-profits to maximize their donations regardless of how a donor chooses to pay.

Find Out More!

If you would like more details about the services PayZang offers non-profit organizations, we invite you to review our web pages dedicated to non-profit organizations. Alternatively, you can always contact a member of the PayZang staff who will be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

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