Recurring Donation Schedules (Monthly/Weekly/Yearly)

In general, people feel good about donating funds to charitable organizations, but most of the time, charities receive a donation and then might never hear from the donor again.

It isn’t because people don’t care; it’s likely because they move on to the busy task of living their lives. Those in charge of charitable organizations have learned from this pattern and many want to find a more effective way of collecting repeat donations on a regular schedule. PayZang has the solution by giving non-profits the ability to easily schedule and manage recurring donations on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

recurring donation3

Recurring donations are especially beneficial to non-profit organizations because it increases donor retention as well as the volume of contributions while reducing the overall cost of fundraising.

By offering contributors the option of scheduling recurring donations, you boost your funding while also catering to the convenience of your supporters. This is a winning situation across the board.

Take a look at the benefits recurring donations through PayZang offers donors and organizations alike:

Benefits for Donors:

  • Send monthly, weekly or annual gifts to favorite charities without the hassle of initiating new transactions
  • Easily cancel or change recurring donation schedules according to their needs
  • Receive regular reports and documentation about their gifts for tax purposes
  • Receive confirmation receipts, expired card notices and gift reminders digitally
  • Security in knowing their dollars reach people in real need

recurring donation1

recurring donation1

Benefits for Organizations:

  • Regular contributions staff members can plan around
  • A strong potential for increased contributions
  • Better contributor retention
  • An honest and transparent donor relationship
  • Powerful donation tracking and managing tools like CRM

Regardless of your charity or organization, PayZang offers the security of knowing your donations are protected. From fraud prevention and SSL encryption to secure and accurate data management, PayZang keeps your data safe. To start accepting recurring donations today, please contact a PayZang representative.

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