Political Fundraising

Political fundraising can present a challenge to even the most organized individuals.

In addition to the primary task of raising money, political campaigns must document and track donations accurately. One way to keep up with the hectic atmosphere of a political campaign is by automating at least a portion of the donation processing. Integrating cutting-edge technologies like mobile applications to accept donations during political fundraisers can go a long way toward achieving this kind of automation and improving a political campaign’s fundraising efforts.

PayZang offers a sophisticated suite of processing tools designed to free you from the tedious business of processing and documenting your donations, thus giving you and your team more time to focus on completing a successful political campaign.

political fundraising

Putting Donations to Work, Faster, Easier and More Securely

In the past, benefactors for political causes provided monetary gifts and donations by check, but this has become outdated in recent decades. Fewer people than ever carry a checkbook and even fewer have enough cash to make a generous political donation. These days, consumers and donors alike prefer to use credit and debit cards to cover all of their expenses, including political contributions. This is good news for campaign managers because it means your staff now has a means of collecting contributions anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

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All you need is a merchant account with PayZang and a mobile phone, tablet or other Internet-connected device to receive and process donations during political conventions and other events. PayZang provides the technology, including a mobile card reader, freeing you up to get your message across. A partnership with PayZang brings benefits like these to your political fundraising efforts:

Turns your mobile phone into a donation acceptance terminal

Gives you real-time donation acceptance capability

Saves you money on processing costs and equipment

Provides donors with a variety of secure and flexible options

Helps you present a modern, forward-thinking image.

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