Non-Profit Fundraising

Are you trying to raise money for a non-profit organization? In many cases, non-profit fundraising is one of the only ways organizations can stay in business and assist people in need.

If your non-profit organization suffers from lack of funding, or you simply want to reach out to more people in distress, PayZang offers a number of ways to accomplish these goals. From simple and affordable online donation acceptance to mobile applications designed to receive donations on-the-go, PayZang makes it easier than ever to improve your non-profit fundraising efforts.

The Power of Mobile Donation Acceptance

The growth of mobile technology has brought countless advantages to fundraising for non-profit organizations. In the past, many people attending public fundraising events had no way to make sizable contributions but with PayZang’s advanced and secure mobile technology, you can now accept credit and debit card donations on-the-spot, attracting more donors to your organization’s cause.

non profit fundraising

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A PayZang merchant account and mobile fundraising comes with valuable features and benefits like these:

  • More donation options to help expand your pool of donors
  • Receive higher contribution amounts as well as more donations
  • Rest easy with our SSL encryption and fraud protection tools
  • Donors can easily choose to make recurring donations with credit or debit cards
  • Login securely with your unique username and password
  • Accept donations from all major card types
  • Real time reporting options and sophisticated tracking tools
  • Donors receive e-mailed receipts immediately
  • Simple interface and easy-to-use mobile card reader
  • Swipe the donor’s card or type in the donation information
  • Reduce your overall transaction processing costs

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Non-profit fundraising can be a complex undertaking requiring a great deal of time and effort. Make the most of your time and your charitable giving by choosing PayZang as your merchant account provider.

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