Corporate Giving Programs

Giving back to a community is a very honorable act in which companies can take part in. Essential corporate giving programs are centered around raising funds for various non profit organizations. A key part to charity fundraisers is the processing of donations. PayZang’s donation processing is second to none.

Employees Processing Donations

Processing Donations in a Secure and Organized Manner

People who are interested in giving money to several different organizations may feel the need for a program that helps them keep track of their contributions.

This kind of giving demands more than a spreadsheet, and financial expertise that you can’t find just anywhere. You also need to ensure that your personal and financial information is protected. Enter PayZang. Our merchant services include key features that can streamline and improve your fundraising operations. More and more non-profits and businesses are using online and mobile payment processing services than ever before. PayZang’s “giving” platform is designed for the transaction of money to various organizations, including corporations that want to pass their success on to others.

You can count on us to be reliable, accurate and safe, whether you’re collecting funds or distributing them. While the simplicity of the actual fundraising is essential, PayZang also provides high quality tools to further improve the entire process. Included are:

Detailed reporting

Automatically generated confirmation messages.

Payment acceptance from mobile devices.

Corporate Giving Programs Made Simple

You and your patrons are accustomed to having information at your fingertips, and taking care of business from remote locations and across time zones.

Charitable giving should be no different, and we think anything that makes it easier is a positive investment. By contacting PayZang your corporation can start processing donations and giving back today. Our electronic donation platform turns fundraising into an easy and simple task in regards to collecting funds.  Corporate giving programs are often highly organized processes, and may even involve charity fundraisers and other upscale occasions. When you are dealing with large quantities of donations it pays to have a reliable system that is simplistic and flexible. PayZang’s mobile payment processing gateway and other excellent features are just a call away. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your company become even more generous!

Electronic Donation Platform

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