Church Fundraising

Asking for money can be a delicate challenge, even for organizations that form much of their budget on donations. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to address everyone at once, and provide a fast and secure place to accept their contributions for special fundraising events? PayZang offers programs and applications specifically designed to help churches collect fundraising monies. These high quality products can support increases in the numbers and amounts of donations, as members and other supporters may easily give at any time and from anywhere. Better yet, the system does not require a great deal of maintenance or eat up half of your budget. In fact, it can help you save time and money. In the past, fundraising meant gathering cash and checks from face to face meetings or through the mail. Your church had to record everything received, deposit the money into the proper account (after cashing checks) and take care of complications like bounced checks. With an electronic system from PayZang, there is no physical collection, and you can transfer funds to an account with the click of a button. Spend your valuable time on causes and ministries more dear to your heart, and less on bookkeeping. The benefits to an electronic fundraising system are numerous, including:

  • Accept one-time payments or set up recurring donation schedules.
  • Build confidence among the congregation with a fully secure system.
  • Automatically generated email confirmations.
  • Option for accepting payments made on mobile devices.

That last benefit can be especially helpful. We are living in an age when people are accustomed to being connected to everything and everyone at all times. If donating money is as easy as looking at an iPhone, you’re sure to see contributions increase. Contact PayZang anytime to learn more about how you can bring electronic fundraising capabilities to your church.

Requesting money, even from those whom you know want to give, can be tough. Beyond that, the actual collecting of contributions is a challenge in and of itself. Your congregants will be more comfortable giving when they know their money is going exactly where they want it. PayZang’s electronic system for church fundraising can completely eliminate the physical collection of money, and put funds into your account with just the click of a button. Through features like credit card processing online and recurring donation payments, church members give in a safe manner, whenever they desire. The entire process will be simpler and as subtle as is appropriate.

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