Charity Fundraising

People who help fund charitable organizations choose to show their ongoing support in many different ways.

Some like to buy a ticket to fundraising events while others might like to present a recurring or one-time gift of money. While it’s true that people do like to give to charity, they usually prefer to do so on their own terms and this can often leave charities who only accept cash or checks out in the cold. Another thing that can negatively impact the volume and dollar amount received in charity fundraising is not providing benefactors with the ability to give donations on-the-spot. If you are looking for ways to cut yourself a bigger slice of the charity giving pie, PayZang has your solution. We can provide valuable resources like accepting real time donations through a mobile device, but the first thing you need to do is set up a merchant account.

The Features and Benefits of a PayZang Fundraising Merchant Account

In order to help more people, your charity organization needs a simple and efficient way to process credit card and debit card donations, but that’s not all you get when you partner with PayZang. Check out the following features and benefits of our fundraising merchant account model.


-Use our mobile card reader to accept contributions anywhere
-Accept and track all of your donations in real time
-Easily process card present and card not present transactions
-Login to a secure environment with a username and password
-Access your own virtual terminal
-Gain access to Web and mobile tools
-SSL encryption and fraud prevention
-100% PCI compliance

Fundraising Merchant Account

Manager of Fundraiser


Automatically expand your donor pool

Receive a greater volume of contributions in higher amounts

Accept all major credit cards from any location

Reduce your transaction processing costs

Rest easier with no setup fees

Online credit card donation

The nature of your job is to make it as easy as possible for people to donate money to your cause.

Non-profit fundraising is a highly rewarding and challenging project, and you deserve tools that help you make the most of it. PayZang’s API integration services support productivity with excellent credit card payment processing and a personalized fundraising merchant account. We make it possible for you to take donations on the spot, or give contributors access to recurring payment systems. No matter how they choose to give, your donors will know that their information is secure, and that payments will go through quickly and clearly.

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