“Be the change you want to see in the world”. A “quote” from Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian Independence movement that helps inspire individuals to try to make a difference in the world around them. Although the quote has morphed over the years into cheeky mug captions and bumper stickers the deep truth that lies within its meaning is still incredibly relevant. In a world that is rocked by instability and violence, we as individuals tend to focus on the negative aspects of life without as much as a brief acknowledgment of the truly incredible work that is being done by individuals and organizations around the world. Champions of change, these people seek out opportunities to make a difference in their local communities, nationally, and internationally. This change is not without its fair share of difficulties with recruitment, maintaining passion, and financial stability.


Recruiting individuals for your organization is a challenging task – not only because nonprofit organizations generally operate with a volunteer team, but because it is incredibly difficult to recruit high-quality volunteers who buy into the vision for the organization and are able to dedicate the time necessary to make the organization successful. How can you reach the right people? Before you attempt any recruitment campaign you have to have a plan for who you want to recruit. You also have to know what qualities you are looking for and the value that each person should bring to the table. Although in some cases a warm body is better than nobody, seeking out people who fit the mold of your ideal volunteer or contributor will mean the difference between exponential growth and stagnation. Finding these key players is difficult but it comes down to putting yourself and your mission in front of the right audience and preaching why this mission is important.

Nonprofit Employees

Author Simon Sinek describes this best by saying, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.  Although this is often for business operations, one can easily apply it to the recruitment strategies within an organization. People may truly love what your organization does, but it cannot hold a candle to the true reason behind your actions. Marketing your reason for existence to the right audience will ensure that your organization grows, not for the sake of growing, but growing for the sake of accomplishing your mission and honoring your organization’s values.

Maintaining Passion

Maintaining passion is also a struggle for certain nonprofit organizations primarily because your mission must be valuable to yourself, and your contributors.


For your own sake, your mission must be something that you yourself believe in. As a leader in your organization, you must be passionate about your mission otherwise you will view your work as dreadful over time – implications of this disdain will be disastrous to your organization. “Passion [does] not exist in the job; it exists within us,” said Tina Su in an article titled “How to Find Passion in your Job”. If passion is what you lack, one of the best ways to ignite passion is to actively seek out what excites you about your work. In the non-profit world, this excitement is often found in the fruits of your work or in the little things that stem from your work that you find passion in.

Your Contributors

If your mission requires a team effort, it is vital that your contributors find your work to be valuable. As with self-realized value, if your team cannot see the point or fail to see value in the work that is being accomplished, the mission is doomed to fail. Helping others realize the value of their work is often a challenge however it is most successfully accomplished by having a mission and a vision that is realistic and attractive,  recruiting the right people who buy into the organization’s mission and vision, ensuring that all decisions within the organization are in alignment with the mission and vision, and lastly ensuring that all contributors feel valued.Your mission and vision are not concrete, the mission and vision have to periodically update as they are fluid – ebbing and flowing with the needs of the people you are trying to impact.

Financial Stability

Most Non-Profit funding is provided by their members, trustees, or donors. Maintaining a steady cash inflow is crucial for sustainability – common sense right? Not necessarily. Nonprofit organizations are not immune from financial squabbles and oversight. Financial instability can stem from lack of funding, lack of officer oversight, embezzlement – the list goes on. Maintaining stability takes an intentional effort by people who are knowledgeable of the ins and outs of nonprofit finance, who are dedicated to the mission that is trying to be accomplished. Maintaining financial stability is much easier when compared to the resulting recovery process that comes after a “fall from grace”.

If your organization experiences a financial squabble the first thing to do is assess your options for recovery. If you catch the financial red flags early enough your options for recovery become much more flexible. Establishing protocols and procedures for appropriate oversight will help prevent large financial shortfalls, while providing transparency for your donors, and contributors. These protocols may come in the form of required reports or audits, efficient delegation of tasks for accountability, and weekly reports to organization leadership. It is crucial that your organization assess the corporate culture, existing financial protocols, and ultimate goals for the organization before implementing a comprehensive list of policies and procedures regarding financial activity.

Partner With PayZang

PayZang has your nonprofit organization’s interests in mind. We are proud to provide the payment processing tools and training that will serve as a launching pad for your organization. Some of PayZang’s unique features include: no monthly fees, lower transaction fees, recurring transaction capabilities, sleek website integration with advanced APIs, online payment pages, mobile payments, detailed reports, and organization network integration.

No Monthly Fees and Lower Transaction Fees

Payment processors often burden nonprofit organizations with expensive monthly fees such as minimum fees, gateway fees, mobile capability fees – say goodbye to those financial hurdles and switch to PayZang. In that spirit, PayZang also offers nonprofit organizations lower transaction fees. This ensures that you and your organization have the necessary funds your mission requires.

Recurring Transaction Capability

A majority of donations that come through nonprofits are from donors who have scheduled donations on a set time schedule. PayZang’s Virtual Terminal takes recurring transactions to the next level. We offer a number of different schedules for you to offer your donors.

Website Integration – Online Payment Pages

PayZang offers a number of API’s, Online Payment Pages, and QuickClick buttons. These features can be easily integrated into your existing website. API’s integrated directly into your website can maintain the continuity of your website design while ensuring that all transactions are safe and secure.

PayZang’s Online Payment Pages can be customized to reflect the style and feel of your business without compromising the safety and security of the donation being made. Protect your donor from fraud or other forms of predatory financial crimes with PayZang’s industry leading Online Payment Page technology.

Lastly, QuickClick buttons are an easy way to simplify the online donation experience. We can configure the QuickClick button so that it can set a donation amount and redirect your donor to a secure online payment page.

Mobile Payments

For some nonprofit organizations, donors who pay through mobile means are the bread and butter of your donation base, or maybe you are looking to take your organization’s donation efforts to the next level. PayZang offers encryption services along with its mobile payment capabilities – ensuring the security of the transaction and not compromising the ease of use or functionality. Take payments from your phone with a mobile card reader, from your laptop with a USB card reader, key transactions in manually through our Virtual Terminal, or do all at once. The possibilities and combination of services are endless.

Detailed Reports

Reporting is often the most tedious part of any organization’s work. Most payment processors don’t offer reports, let alone reports that are fully customizable to meet your organization’s needs. PayZang’s reports maximize your reporting capabilities and ensure that you are getting all of the information you need and omitting the unnecessary information that is not pertinent to the task at hand.

Organization Network Integration

Your organization has taken off and is taking the country by storm but you’re held back by wonky payment processors that are trying to nickel and dime you – or worse yet – not providing the integration capability you need to get reports across all branches, not providing multi-user capability, and not allowing you to differentiate between different users and their associated permissions. PayZang has seen this time and time again and has taken the opportunity to fill the void where many nonprofits see a struggle. PayZang offers multi-user integration, network wide reports, and at no additional cost to you.

Effect Greater Change in the World with PayZang

PayZang wants you and your organization to make a real, positive, and lasting change in the world. We want to help relieve you of the financial burden that often inhibits nonprofit growth and development. Our Online Payment Pages will help you to make a difference in your city, your region, or around the world. Create an account with PayZang today!

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