Nowadays, the world runs on social media. We use it to communicate and keep in touch with our friends, we use it to log our memories and photos, and we use it in business. Social media has moved from a purely social tool to a marketing strategy for companies and nonprofits alike. So why wouldn’t you utilize it for your fundraisers? If you are having troubles finding social media fundraising ideas that work, start researching on Google. There are a lot of helpful blogs with various types of fundraising tips. For now, here are some tips and tricks to use social media to your best advantage for your next fundraiser.

Which Social Media?

Social media is a fairly broad term, as there are a multitude of different social media sites out there to choose from. However, 55 percent of people engaged in social media causes taking further action and it’s definitely worth the effort.

Facebook has been shown to be an effective tool, through fundraisers such as the Maven’s Heart Fund page. Twitter can also get the message across, as many celebrities have shown by letting their charitable causes be known via tweets. Another option that many may not consider is Instagram. While it may only have pictures available, showing pictures of the work you’re doing and the people you’re helping along the way is a great incentive for people to help. Whichever social media platform you choose, you’re sure to help your fundraising campaign.

Social Media Fundraising Ideas

Social Media Fundraising Ideas

Simply posting statistics or brief information about your fundraiser is not enough on social media. Here are a few social media fundraising ideas you can use  most effectively for the benefit of your nonprofit:

Find Your People

Look through a variety of social media sites and find already existing communities of like-minded people. Good places to start would be LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Then share your promotional information about the fundraiser with them. If they’re already interested in the topic, they’ll be more likely to share it and spread the word.

Tell a Story

The most effective of the fundraising tips is always to make it personal. If people feel that they relate to your message, they are more likely to share it and involve themselves with the cause. Tell a story about your nonprofit or about someone specific that you’ve helped through the proceeds from your fundraisers. The more people see that their money is going toward real people, the more they’re going to want to help.

Brand and Share

One of the most popular aspects of social media right now is the hashtag. It’s everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts use hashtags. Think of a clever hashtag for your campaign, then share it everywhere. The more prolific your hashtag becomes, the more people will see and participate in your fundraiser.

Social media is not just for wasting time on your commute. The appropriate use of social media fundraising ideas can greatly increase overall participation and may help your cause.

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