Your Account

Your account with PayZang is far more than just another login and record. It’s an active hub that drives your profitability and success. We refer to it as your merchant account, and it’s a center of control for your settings, as well as a safe place for your information and money.

The wonderful thing about PayZang is that it’s fully customizable. If you want to start with a small, simple account for just a few actions, we can support that. However, if you need a large, all-inclusive plan that sees to the majority of your payment processing, we can do that, too. Trust PayZang to have the resources and power to facilitate as much or as little as you need.

Once the money from a transaction is safely in your account with PayZang, you have the freedom to send it to your bank whenever you wish. While it can take a few days for the money to appear in your bank account, know that the transmission is secure and timely.

As the PayZang account owner or manager, you have the ability to set parameters for who is authorized to access the account, and who is not. As with all the services from PayZang, we strive to keep you in control, allowing your brand and your goals to direct the processes.

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