Web Services and API Docs

Whether you are new to developer coding or code savvy but concerned about being left to founder on your own, you can put your fears to rest. PayZang is committed to supporting your project from end-to-end and provides you with a vast array of resources from which to work. We believe your success is our success and will never leave you hanging as you work to create an app that meets the needs of your business.

Customer Support: The first step PayZang takes to secure our mutual success is providing you with an entire team of technologists ready to come to your aid regardless of your problem or concern. Rest assured that only qualified technologists staff our support desk, each one committed to helping you find a solution.

API Documentation: Both our API and our sample codes are fully documented, ensuring you can easily find the answers you need for your project, but PayZang didn’t stop there. Our documentation goes beyond relaying factual information about our program to include tutorials and guides written to help you create and implement your app as easily as possible.

Web Services Documentation: Additional documentation includes valuable data about our web services. Our Secure Web Pay integration documentation describes three integration options you can use to utilize state-of-the-art transaction processing solutions. You can also access documentation regarding the integration of AGI (Advanced Gateway Interface), a suite of technologically advanced transaction processing solutions. Other documentation includes ACH (Automated Clearing House) batch file specification information.

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