Merchant account

Anyone can apply for a merchant account with PayZang. Simply go to our Getting Started page, select the plan you want and click Apply Now. Soon, you’ll be well on your way to processing ACH and card payments with an efficient, secure and affordable system.

Merchant accounts are becoming a routine part of doing business these days. As more and more people pay with non-cash methods, you need to know that the funds will get where they need to go, and in a timely manner. Your PayZang merchant account is a safe place to hold on to the money you earn from online payments, money taken over the phone, transactions made on mobile devices and so much more. Our connection with your actual bank account is also fully secure and reliable.

You can change the settings of your merchant account whenever you need to. Edit email addresses, bank information and the capabilities of the account itself. The goal is always to keep PayZang working for you, but according to your specific parameters.

One of the great things about a merchant account is that it helps you remain in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. As payment technology continues to change, stay ahead of the curve with a merchant account that makes it easier to understand the wider industry.

Contact PayZang today to set up your merchant account!

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