While knowing that PayZang provides expert reports for your merchant account is nice, the real value is in what those reports can do for you. To take it a step further than simple reporting, we offer a dynamic format that lets you select particular fields for exporting.

Once you have the reports on the creation, processing and settlement of your card and ACH payments, you can save them as PDF, XML, CSV files and more. After that, you may want to share these reports with others on your team, the company heads or even the public. You can also apply the reports to other documents and programs within you system. PayZang might supply the platform, but your reports belong to you, and are intended to function however is best for you.

Exporting your reports is a completely safe practice with the help of PayZang. We recognize that much of the information might be private, and should be kept that way for the good of you and your customers. Never hesitate to ask about the security measures we have in place at PayZang.

The simple act of exporting can save you time, money and a headache when it comes to deciphering the meaning of your payment records and history. We are glad to offer this service to you.

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