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While credit and debit cards have become the preferred payment method, many consumers still prefer to pay by check. With PayZang’s developer program, it’s easy to integrate ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment processing into your business. Once you have integrated this code into your payment processing platform, you can quickly and efficiently process single, recurring and batch transactions by way of ACH e-check acceptance instantly and in real time. Using our secure WebPay Services enables you to complete all of your e-check payment transactions through one single location for the utmost in ease and accuracy.How Does It Work?

Payments entered into PayZang’s API must complete three separate but simple phases to be successful. The first step is delivery of transaction information to PayZang; the second step entails authorization of the payment; and the third phase involves the final settlement of the previously authorized payment.

Check out this simple breakdown of each step:

Delivery to PayZang: With this phase, you can identify the method of delivery which can mean scheduled payments, batch payments and real time payments.

Authorization of Payment: During this phase, your transaction receives authorization to pay from your payment processor.

Settlement of Payment: Once authorized, your payment will be settled and funds will be delivered to your preferred bank account.

By working with PayZang’s API, you can personalize the shopping and payment experience for your customer base without taking on the extra burdens typically associated with processing financial transactions. Your sole responsibility is working with the code to achieve your desired results.

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