Online Payment Page

The Online Payment Page (OPP) is an easy way for you to accept online payments from your customers. You can leave the designing, hosting and maintaining of the payment page to us, and enjoy the benefits of this convenient feature.

With an OPP, merchants can easily integrate PayZang into existing online programs. As always, our job is to work behind the scenes, and let your brand come through online. Once you have PayZang integrated, simply begin accepting and processing one time or recurring payments in real time. Your customers still have the freedom to pay with ACH/eCheck, debit card or credit card. When all of your transactions are conducted through this one, tidy channel, you’ll experience a streamlined, simplified process for your business.


Your OPP is completely customizable. Your logo, graphics, color and style can all be incorporated with your OPP as a brand-supporting feature of your site.

Integrating OPP requires certain documentation that PayZang supplies to your technical team or developer. It is important that these professionals possess an understanding of and experience with a few things. Among them are:

Basic programming skills

Basic integration skills and formats

As always, please feel free to get in touch with PayZang if you have any questions about our products and services. We will do our best to make things clear for web pay services and/or an advanced gateway interface Defining the messages associated with your payment processing Testing the finished product Taking the API to a live environment.


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