Mobile Apps

PayZang has made it easier than ever and totally risk-free for e-commerce, as well as brick-and-mortar merchants, to add mobile apps to their payment processing arsenal.

Easy, powerful and extremely portable, you can reap real-time benefits from mobile payment processing including:

Turning your mobile phone into an instant payment terminal

Accepting and processing payments from virtually any location

Reducing your processing fees and saving money at the same time

Offering your clients more flexible and secure payment options

Presenting a forward-thinking and tech-savvy business face to your customers


You can have all this and much more by working with our payment API

Explore the Features of Modern Mobile Payment Processing

You already know what you want to achieve with your business; PayZang can help you turn your vision into reality by offering you technological features that far surpass your rivals. A partnership with PayZang puts the following features directly into your hands:

  • The ability to work with iOS devices
  • Full compatibility with iPhone, iPad (iOS 3.0 or higher) and iPod Touch
  • Provide your customers with more ways to pay for purchases
  • Easily process credit and debit cards as well as election checks
  • A well-developed and stable, state-of-the-art payment gateway
  • Manage multiple accounts in real-time with PayZang’s feature-packed, enterprise-class platform
  • Rugged, responsive and reliable system operations
  • A reliable bi-directional reader with superior workmanship and security
  • Instantly read and encrypt all sensitive customer and credit card data
  • Point-to-point encryption techniques for enhanced security
  • In full compliance with Visa’s best practices, your payment information remains encrypted from start to end in all transactions.


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