Step Three

Three-Step: Transactions

Complete Transaction XML Request

XML ElementDescription
api-key*api-key is obtained in the security keys section of the control panel settings.
token-id*Customer payment token returned during step two.

Complete Transaction XML Response

XML ElementDescription
result1=Transaction Approved
2=Transaction Declined
3=Error in transaction data or system error
result-textTextual response.
transaction-idPayment Gateway transaction ID
result-codeNumeric mapping of processor responses. (See Appendix 3)
authorization-codeTransaction authorization code.
avs-resultAVS response code. (See Appendix 1)
cvv-resultCVV response code. (See Appendix 2)
action-typeAction type that was initially specified.
Values: ‘sale’, ‘auth’, ‘credit’, ‘validate’, or ‘offline’
amountTotal amount charged.
Format: x.xx
amount-authorizedReturns the amount authorized.
Format: x.xx
ip-addressCardholder’s IP address.
industryIndustry classification of transaction.
Values: ‘ecommerce’, ‘moto’, or ‘retail’
billing-methodBilling indicators used.
Values: ‘recurring’ or ‘installment’
processor-idProcessor transaction was made through.
sec-codeACH standard entry class codes.
Values: ‘PPD’, ‘WEB’, ‘TEL’, ‘CCD’, ‘POP’, or \ARC’
descriptorPayment descriptor.
descriptor-phonePayment descriptor phone.
descriptor-addressSet payment descriptor address on supported processors.
descriptor-citySet payment descriptor city on supported processors.
descriptor-stateSet payment descriptor state on supported processors.
descriptor-postalSet payment descriptor postal code on supported processors.
descriptor-countrySet payment descriptor country on supported processors.
descriptor-mccSet payment descriptor mcc on supported processors.
descriptor-merchant-idSet payment descriptor merchant id on supported processors.
descriptor-urlSet payment descriptor url on supported processors.
currencyTransaction currency used. (Table 1.b)
order-descriptionOrder description.
customer-idCustomer identification.
customer-vault-idCustomer vault id used or created during action.
merchant-receipt-emailMerchant receipt email.
customer-receiptCustomer email receipt sent.
Values: ‘true’ or ‘false’
partial-payment-balanceReturns the payment’s remaining balance.
partial-payment-idNumeric identifier used to submit subsequent partial payment transactions.
merchant-defined-field-#Merchant specified custom fields.
Format: <merchant-defined-field-1>Value</merchant-defined-field-1>
tracking-numberShipping tracking number.
shipping-carrierShipping carrier.
Values: ‘ups’, ‘fedex’, ‘dhl’, or ‘usps’
order-idOrder id.
po-numberCardholder’s purchase order number.
tax-amountThe sales tax included in the transaction amount associated with the purchase.
Format: x.xx
shipping-amountTotal shipping amount.
Format: x.xx
ship-from-postalPostal/ZIP code of the address from where purchased goods are being shipped.
summary-commodity-codeA code representing the type of commodity being purchased. The acquirer or processor will provide a list of current codes.
duty-amountAmount included in the transaction amount associated with the import of the purchased goods.
Format: x.xx
discount-amountAmount included in the transaction amount of any discount applied to the complete order by the merchant.
Format: x.xx
national-tax-amountThe national tax amount included in the transaction amount.
Format: x.xx
alternate-tax-amountSecond tax amount included in the transaction amount in countries where more than one type of tax can be applied to the purchases.
Default: ‘0.00’
Format: x.xx
alternate-tax-idTax identification number of the merchant that reported the alternate tax amount.
vat-tax-amountContains the amount of any value added taxes which can be associated with the purchased item.
Format: x.xx
vat-tax-rateContains the tax rate used to calculate the sales tax amount appearing. Can contain up to 2 decimal places, ie 1% = 1.00.
Format: x.xx
vat-invoice-reference-numberInvoice number that is associated with the VAT invoice.
customer-vat-registrationValue added tax registration number supplied by the cardholder.
merchant-vat-registrationGovernment assigned tax identification number of the merchant from whom the goods or services were purchased.
order-datePurchase order date.
Format: YYMMDD
cardholder-auth3D Secure condition.
Values: ‘verified’ or ‘attempted’
eciE-commerce indicator.
Values: ‘2’, ‘5’, or ‘7’
cavvCardholder authentication verification value.
Format: base64 encoded
xidCardholder authentication transaction id.
Format: base64 encoded
dup-secondsOverride duplicate transaction detection checking in seconds.
avs-rejectValues are letters obtained under Settings->Address Verification in the control panel.
cvv-rejectValues are letters obtained under Settings->Card ID Verification in the control panel.
<billing>The customer’s billing information
billing-idBilling id used or created for this action.
first-nameCardholder’s first name.
last-nameCardholder’s last name.
address1Cardholder’s billing address.
cityCard billing city.
stateCard billing state/province.
Format: CC
postalCard billing postal code.
countryCard billing country code.
Format: CC/ISO 3166
phoneBilling phone number.
emailBilling email address.
companyCardholder’s company.
address2Card billing address, line 2.
faxBilling fax number.
social-security-numberCustomer’s social security number
drivers-license-numberDriver’s license number.
drivers-license-dobDriver’s license date of birth.
drivers-license-stateCustomer’s driver’s license state.
Format: CC
cc-numberMasked credit card number.
Format: XXXXXX********XXXX
cc-expCredit card expiration
Format: MMYY
account-nameThe name on the customer’s bank account.
account-numberMasked bank account number.
Format: X****XXXX
routing-numberMasked bank routing number.
Format: X****XXXX
account-typeThe customer’s ACH account type.
Values: ‘checking’ or ‘savings’
entity-typeThe customer’s ACH account entity.
Values: ‘personal’ or ‘business’
priorityBilling id priority.
Format: Numeric, 1-255
<shipping>The customer’s shipping information.
shipping-idShipping id used or created for this action. Recommended when using customer vault hybrid action; will be ignored if no hybrid add/update-customer is done.
first-nameShipping first name.
last-nameShipping last name.
address1Shipping billing address.
cityShipping city.
stateShipping state/province.
Format: CC
postalShipping postal code.
countryShipping country code.
Format: CC/ISO 3166
phoneShipping phone number.
emailShipping email address.
companyShipping company.
address2Shipping address, line 2.
faxShipping fax number.
priorityShipping id priority.
Format: Numeric, 1-255
<product>Product line item detail. Multiple product elements are allowed.
product-codeMerchant defined description code of the item being purchased.
descriptionDescription of the item(s) being supplied.
commodity-codeInternational description code of the individual good or service being supplied. The acquirer or processor will provide a list of current codes.
unit-of-measureCode for unites of measurement as used in international trade.
unit-costUnit cost of item purchased. May contain up to 4 decimal places.
quantityQuantity of the item(s) being purchased.
total-amountPurchase amount associated with the item.
Format: x.xx
tax-amountAmount of tax on specific item. Amount should not be included in item-total-amount.
Format: x.xx
tax-ratePercentage representing the value-added tax applied. 1% = 1.00.
Format: x.xx
discount-amountDiscount amount which can have been applied by the merchant on the sale of the specific item.
Format: x.xx
discount-rateDiscount rate for the line item. 1% = 1.00
Format: x.xx
tax-typeType of value-added taxes that are being used.
alternate-tax-idTax identification number of the merchant that reported the alternate tax amount.