Appendix 3

Direct Post API

Result Code Table

100Transaction was approved.
200Transaction was declined by processor.
201Do not honor.
202Insufficient funds.
203Over limit.
204Transaction not allowed.
220Incorrect payment information.
221No such card issuer.
222No card number on file with issuer.
223Expired card.
224Invalid expiration date.
225Invalid card security code.
240Call issuer for further information.
250Pick up card.
251Lost card.
252Stolen card.
253Fraudulent card.
260Declined with further instructions available. (See response text)
261Declined-Stop all recurring payments.
262Declined-Stop this recurring program.
263Declined-Update cardholder data available.
264Declined-Retry in a few days.
300Transaction was rejected by gateway.
400Transaction error returned by processor.
410Invalid merchant configuration.
411Merchant account is inactive.
420Communication error.
421Communication error with issuer.
430Duplicate transaction at processor.
440Processor format error.
441Invalid transaction information.
460Processor feature not available.
461Unsupported card type.