Online Payment Page – Checkout

The Online Payment Page (OPP) Checkout uses a very basic integration method, and is very easy to implement. It allows merchants a great deal of control over their OPP, yet takes advantage of the hosting and security services of PayZang.

On your OPP, you may enter and submit transaction information, and know that the entire process will be carried out with the utmost security. All you have to do is call the PayZang hosted payment form. Further, merchants have the freedom to customize the look and feel of the hosted form. Choose from one of the predefined payment form styles, or place your own configurations fields with the call to the payment form.

Here at PayZang, we offer a variety of options to suit a wide range of customers. We strive to be applicable within any industry, and to meet you where you are in terms of budget and service needs. Every business is different, and we work hard to make your brand voice stand out with subtle and effective payment processing support.

Please never hesitate to get in touch with PayZang about the OPP Checkout option, or any of our other OPP services. It’s always our pleasure to speak with developers about our products.

PayZang 1-800-838-8651