Code Samples

We like to help other developers in any way that we can.

Our team has worked hard to create some of the best code for setting up and maintaining excellent payment processing program, and we’re happy to pass the benefits on to you. Here, you can find a wealth of code samples to support your use of PayZang products.


Because we understand that our clients are using all kinds of operating systems, hosts, content management systems and more, we provide code samples to work within your parameters.

Select from codes written in a variety of languages, including AJAX, C#, Java, Java Script, Perl, Ruby, VB.NET and so many others. 

Once you have the code, feel free to download, analyze, customize, experiment and learn within your own, familiar environment.



If you have any questions about the code you see here, please feel free to get in touch with us for clarification. Because PayZang is dedicated to driving the profits and successes of our clients, we’ll be glad to take some time to help you make the most of the code samples. Our goal is to support all the work that happens behind the scenes, allowing your particular brand to shine through for your own customers.

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