With summer in full swing, your business has a whole new opportunity for sales and growth. Festivals, from church fundraisers to larger cultural and music events, can be a great source of income. There are also craft shows, block parties and a host of other outdoor social gatherings where you can offer your goods or services. Some businesses travel to many states over the course of the summer, while other keep it local. You could attend events with huge general attendance or pick events that attract smaller groups more likely to be interested in your offerings. You could even offer special event pricing.

Whatever way you approach the summer outdoor sales season, you need to feel confident about your credit card processing and payment processing before investing in any fees or licenses for the event. Working with PayZang credit card processing can help you make the most of the event and festival season. When you can take payments with confidence, you can convert more interactions to sales. Is there anything more frustrating than closing a big sale, only to discover you can’t complete it because you don’t accept the right kind of payment? Very few people carry cash these days.

PayZang Credit Card Processing Includes Mobile Processing

A lot of people only carry cards these days. Whether it’s credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards, you want to be able to quickly process cards. Many savvy people only carry gift cards or prepaid credit cards to events to reduce theft risk. Accepting credit card payments will improve the return you make on attending festivals and other outdoor summer events. PayZang understands that you need to be able to process cards quickly and on demand to turn a profit. That’s why we offer credit card processing that is:


Approval is sent within 1.9 seconds


We offer various levels of risk management to help you avoid fraud


PayZang offers competitive pricing and pay-as-you-go options

Although our services can support the needs of big businesses, we also offer the hands-on and customized approach so many modern small businesses need. Whether you offer services, like massage or home cleaning, or products, from hand-made items to imports, the best way to ensure your success at festivals and big outdoor events is to accept credit card payments in a convenient manner for your customers.

Other Important Considerations for Festival Sales

With any large gathering, you are likely to encounter some questionable behavior. Take steps to protect your merchandise from sticky fingers. Plan your booth or space to optimize attractiveness but also reduce the risk of theft. You should be able to see everything from where you stand. If someone offers to pay by check, you shouldn’t accept it without using a check verification system. A second set of eyes can help things run more smoothly and catch anything you miss.

Be sure to bring enough product to make the trip’s expenses worthwhile. Running out doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. You can always pre-sell and ship items to customers if you run out before the end of the event. Remember to be safe. Put up a tent to block the sun. Wear sunscreen and bring enough water to keep you hydrated all day. If there aren’t toilets nearby, have a plan for how you’ll handle things when nature calls.

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