PayZang Remote Deposit Capture

With PayZang’s Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) you can now do your banking from the comfort of your own desk.

If you’ve ever dreamed of the luxury of desktop banking, PayZang has your solution with comprehensive PayZang RDC services. Through our secure and efficient system, all you have to do is scan your check and process the resulting image over the Internet without ever having to leave your office. The convenience of our easy-to-use 24/7 account access from any location saves you time and keeps your money in your pocket. No matter whether your inbound check volume is high or low, our PayZang RDC provides a solution that works for you.

Take Advantage of Netcapturetm Small Business With PayZang

Intuitive and Internet-based, NetCaptureTM Small Business is perfect for business owners in a single location that regularly receive a small volume of checks on a daily basis. For extra convenience, you can use a TWAIN-compatible check scanner, a single feed scanner or an all-in-one scanning device.

Utilize Netcapturetm Business for Larger Operations

If your company receives large volumes of check deposits, turn to the convenience of NetCaptureTM Business. A full-featured, web-based application, our superior technology enables single or multi-location businesses to take advantage of centralized processing, reporting and accounting system updates. Using NetCaptureTM Business requires a certified multi or single-feed check scanner.

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How Remote Deposit Capture Works

The epitome of ease and efficiency, transactions made through the PayZang processing hub takes care of all the details of your RDC activities.

  • All you need is a check scanner, a computer and an Internet connection to prepare electronic deposits
  • Our technology accommodates checks of all sizes and shapes
  • Easily batch your checks into a single deposit
  • All deposit data and check images are securely transmitted across the Internet
  • Your deposits are backed by quality assurance features
  • The banking settlement system routes your checks for clearing
  • Deposits appear in your bank account in as few as two business days from the date of transaction
  • Routine image analysis ensures premium image quality

Top Reasons to Choose PayZang RDC

  • Keep your current bank accounts
  • Easily consolidate your deposits no matter your office locations
  • Make convenient transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • PayZang’s lower transaction fees help reduce the costs associated with banking
  • Minimize delays and confidently meet your deposit deadlines
  • Worry-free electronic transmission of your deposits and check transactions
  • Reduce paperwork with our fast, automated system
  • Minimize fraud risk with PayZang’s accelerated check clearance
  • Identify returned items faster to enhance your collection process

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If you’d like to learn more about PayZang’s Remote Deposit Capture services, please contact us for a quote.

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